5 Rules for Dating A Billionaire

Dating is already hard. It’s riddled with rules and do’s and don’ts in order to get the right date. If you ever come across a billionaire, it’s going to be even more difficult. After all, with money comes great power and responsibility. It won’t be easy being with someone with this much importance.


Dating a billionaire is a pretty big deal. You only get to experience this once in a lifetime, and that too if you are very lucky. It’s like life handing you roses instead of lemons. However, roses have thorns too. Here are some rules you need to follow and set for dating a billionaire.

Rule 1 – Accept That They Are A Normal Human Being Inside

When you’re dating a billionaire, you might get carried away with all the dollar signs in front of your eyes. Try not to be smitten by the money. Just because they are billionaires does not mean they are the same person that they are for the public.

Accept that they are a normal human being on the inside. Money doesn’t change personality. If you come across an old billionaire, he still might have his boomer attitude.

Rule 2 – Brace Yourselves For Countless Interruptions

Billionaires are busy people. They work for their money. This is why, if you’re dating someone like that, you might be interrupted in your dates tons of times. There might be urgent calls when you’re having dinner or they might even have to leave in the middle of a movie. The rule is simple – brace yourself.

Rule 3 – Ask Questions About Their Life

While billionaires are important to a lot of people. If you’re dating one, there has to be something special about you. Billionaires like to feel normal sometimes. So, ask questions about their life. Ask about how their jobs work or something that mundane people can’t experience. Even if this dating stream doesn’t work out, at least you’ll have some insight into how to make some money yourself.

Rule 4 – Be Clear About Gift Giving

A billionaire can be pretty generous with someone they like. But being involved with them has a cost. Therefore, it is best to be clear about gift giving. Set a limit within which your date can gift you. This will help you in managing your finances too. Plus, it will prove you’re not all about that money.

Rule 5 –Establish Boundaries

There are some people who are used to being important. Such as a billionaire. While they may be more important that everyone in the eyes of the public, it’s not true. Therefore, if you are dating a billionaire, make sure that you establish boundaries. They should not be able to treat you any lesser than how you treat them. Dating is a two-way street. Respect does both ways too.

These were the top 5 rules you should keep in mind if you are fortunate enough to date a billionaire. It’s a once in a blue moon opportunity. Don’t make it messy.

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